$ 100


$ 6000



$ 6001


$ 30000



$ 2000


$ Higher

The Oktane architecture is based on an aggregated (unified) account mechanism.

Each user of the service manages its account (financial portfolio) independently. The accounts are aggregated using the Antoreum software and the total funds are invested in the balanced high-yield tools of the BravadoTree broker (more about the broker in the next post).

The system operation is simple: once the daily profit is fixed, the system distributes it among the members, reflecting relating profit on the personal accounts. All you need is to withdraw or re-invest the funds you have earned.

Bravado Chain

is one of our Blockchain partners

The development of an innovative financial managementsystem is insufficient for the creation of a full-fledged product.

The Oktane team realizes this, and therefore they gainedsupport and entered into an exclusive partnership agreementwith the European broker Avocado Tree.

Collaboration with a strong financial institution opens up aunique opportunity for Antoreum users to invest in instrumentsthat used to be available only to professional investors with adeposit of €500,000 or more.


Fund Size: 27 mln EUR

Fund Size: 27 mln EUR

Ethereum EVM

Fund Size: 217 mln EUR

Fund Size: 283 % to 960 %

Passive bonus daily

0,975 %

$60 000

Passive bonus daily

1 %

$120 000

Passive bonus daily

0,975 %

$30 000

Investment program

Antoreum opens up opportunities for investors with different investment potential. The company extracts the largest availaЬle profit for each participant in joint investment activities bу funds into large pools

Duration of all programs is З00 days

Daily profit interest is from 0.8% to 1%

The number of programs is not limited

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